5 Ways To Prepare Your Child For Nursery School

Preschool is considered the stepping stone for every child starting their pre-academic journey. It is true that they learn their first letters at home, but at a nursery, they learn about life skills. They meet new people, make friends, and learn about new cultures. Basically, this phase is part of their transition, where they get the opportunity to socialize with the people around them. 

But, a major difficulty felt by a parent is persuading the child to attend nursery school. The first day of school can get really difficult for them, as they are venturing out of their comfort zone, i.e. home. A sheer presence of hesitation is felt in children at the thought of going to school. Thus, it becomes imperative to prepare a child for nursery school. So, we have brought forth the best environment for your kids to explore at Kinder Castle Nursery.

Quick Ideas to Prepare Your Child for Nursery School in Dubai

Child management experts usually advise teaching a sense of independence to a child, and nursery school provides the best environment. Here a kid can learn how to compromise, be respectful, reason and solve problems. Overall, a child goes through emotional, social and personal growth during this journey.

But, if your child is fussy, we bring you 5 tips to put your child at ease and relieve the anxiety. It’s time to build a routine to help your child adjust and boost their confidence so they can attend nursery school without hesitation.

1. Visit the school in advance

Plan a day out with your child and take them to the school that you have chosen for them to explore the surroundings. Allow them to go through the classes and playground, this will help them to get compatible with the environment. Further, this will also help them to get familiar with the new place and dissolve the chances of awkwardness. You can also introduce your child to the school professionals and staff of the school, and this is the best approach to prepare your child for nursery school.

2. Prepare a routine

Create a timetable for the child and divide the 24 hours of the day into a simple task. You can include wake-up time, breakfast, studying, playtime, bedtime, story reading, etc. This would help them to understand the concept of time, and they won’t hesitate to spend a few hours at nursery school. Further, this prepares a child to get ready on time when they finally start going to preschool. Further, it would also impart your child with a sense of responsibility.

3. Develop reading practices

The first day at preschool means your child has to communicate with strangers, including teachers, staff and peers. Thus, a child needs proper assistance in enhancing their vocabulary to express their feelings. To prepare your child for nursery school, you can encourage them to read books from an early age. This would help them to get a grip on constructing proper sentences. Further, this practice would help them to think creatively, which would further facilitate language development.

4. Involve the kid in daily chores

Your child must know the basic chores so that they can be self-sufficient and not depend on anybody. You can start by teaching them to pick up the toys and place them in their proper location after they are done playing. Also, teach them to eat from their plate without dropping food and removing a plate from the table. You can also teach them how to make the bed. All these practices would help them cope in the new environment and make them independent. 

5. Help to develop natural skills

A child must be physically and mentally fit to adjust to a new environment of the nursery school. So, encourage them to solve puzzles, color patterns, and craft skills. Further, you must help them fine-tune their motor skills by helping them learn about shapes and letters and encourage them to get a lot of physical exercise. An active child with stable social, emotional and physical growth can easily adjust to their new nursery.  


We at Kinder Castle Nursery ensure to provide the features that would help a child get their secondary education with ease. We help your child to go through this transition swiftly and smoothly. To break the ice, our staff engage the child in role-play games to help them get a proper idea of a preschool. But, most importantly, it is important to understand the child’s feelings and assure them that it would be fun and they would enjoy their time spent with us.


What is the right age for nursery?

Most children start going to preschool between the age of 45 days to 3 years. This ensures your child is ready for KG1 when they turn 4 of that academic year, i.e. on or before August 31, as the schools start in September. So, if your child has begun walking already, it is time to start looking for a nursery school for your child.

Why should a child go to the nursery school in Dubai?

Nursery schools help form the foundation for the education process the child would go through in the future. They get the opportunity to meet peers and learn to interact positively, socialize, the concept of sharing and cooperation and build self-esteem. They get the guidance to understand empathy, direction for the curious mind and gain academic achievements.

What does a child learn in a nursery?

A child learns basic self-care skills, sharing with others, being respectful towards others. They are encouraged to listen and respond to questions and instructions given by their teachers. They develop speaking and listening skills with proper guidance and learn numeric, art, music, role play and storytelling. In Pre Primary school, they learn vocabulary, writing reports, and problem-solving skills. So, you must prepare your child for nursery school to reduce the fear of going to a new institution.

What comes first, kindergarten or preschool?

Preschool and kindergarten both follow the concept of playful learning. However, preschool is considered for children from 18 months to 3-4 years; after that, they are admitted to kindergartens. Generally, preschool is the preparation process, where the child gets their basic education 2 years before kindergarten. So, start preparing your child for preschool first.

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