There is a designated pick-up and drop area for the children that will be monitored with CCTV and a designated security guard.
The whole nursery premises is monitored by CCTV throughout which the Nursery Manager and Directors have access to at all times.


We offer a safe environment for the children which takes into account all safety measures recommended by the EYFS framework and KHDA guidelines… there will be no compromise at any given time! The nursery is equipped with child-friendly, age-appropriate furniture and resources.


Designated calm and quiet sleep room for the under 2s. Careful consideration has been taken in the designing of this room to offer a relaxing environment for the little ones. At a young age, a baby’s mind and body needs rest and sleep in order to develop.


DHA approved, well-equipped clinic with a full time dedicated licensed nurse.
Having a designated nurse offers reassurance to parents to know there will always be a medically trained specialist on site to accommodate the children’s health and well-being needs on a daily basis.

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