Multilingual Programme 

Kinder Castle Nursery combines a unique multilingual learning experience with excellent childcare provision and facilities.
We are distinctive in offering a choice of learning French, Arabic, Italian or Portuguese languages and cultures alongside the traditional Early Years programme.

Our ethos is to provide a perfect balance between teaching the children academically and holistically through multilingual education, in a playful, fun, caring and stimulating environment.

Benefits Of Attending A Bilingual Setting Include

Beyond the benefits of the language skills acquired, learning a second language allows tremendous insight into other cultures. Today’s world language instruction goes well beyond rehearsing verb tenses to teaching children about the art, literature, music, history, and life in other countries. In learning about other countries and regions, children come to understand that different languages and cultures use different strategies of communication and they learn to understand subjects from multiple perspectives. They also develop a set of skills that enable them to adapt (code switch) between different cultural communication strategies, a skill that is useful in our diverse societies. Learning a second language, therefore, can benefit children even if they do not attain high levels of proficiency.