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Kinder Castle Nursery stands as a prestigious and well-established educational institution in Dubai, renowned for its exceptional approach to early years education. With a strong commitment to preparing young children for a successful lifelong learning journey, the nursery places immense emphasis on laying a solid foundation for their comprehensive development.

Recognizing the critical importance of early years education in a child’s growth, Kinder Castle Nursery adopts a child-centered approach to learning.

If you’re looking for a best nursery in Dubai that prioritizes your child’s overall growth and development, Kinder Castle Nursery is the place where your child’s journey of learning and exploration begins. Join us as we continue to shape the future generation with a passion for learning and a love for knowledge.

Why Choose Kinder Castle Nursery?

Learning should begin with inspiration and motivation. At Kinder Castle Nursery, we ensure that our facilities allow the children to experience a variety of opportunities. We focus on developing every child’s communication and provide them with the skills needed to become a well-rounded and confident individual. Our Dubai based nursery school follows the EYFS British Curriculum which focuses on all 7 areas of a child’s development between 0 – 5 years. We want to ensure that every child in our care leaves us school ready and with well developed everyday skills whilst meeting every child’s emotional, physical, and cognitive requirements.
EYFS Curriculum

EYFS British Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

Preschool is considered to be the stepping stone for a child that would construct the path toward higher education. It provides a base for a child to develop social skills and communication. They gain learning experience and get a window that exposes them to the world around them. They enter a phase that would help them to gain success in life through the holistic development of physical, social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, mental, literacy, physical health, and behavioral skills.

At Kinder Castle Nursery, the Best nursery in Dubai, a child gets the opportunity to build the foundation for academic performance. The EYFS British Curriculum followed here serves to construct 7 different areas of learning and development. Here the emphasis is given to personal development and building positive relationships. Every child is dealt with uniquely and cratered with flexible and best possible education facilities.

It can turn overwhelming if you do not rely on the essential factors based on which a preschool should be chosen. The decision should be made based on:

  • Curriculum, which must stimulate the physical, social, and intellectual well-being of the child. It must state the goals and must be inclined to the cognitive needs of the child. The ultimate focus should be on the success of the child.
  • At any learning institute, safety should be the first condition and then you must focus on a warm and fulfilling learning environment. They must have an organized classroom structure, ground for extra-curricular activities, and medical facilities to cope with emergencies.
  • The faculty and the facilities of best nursery Dubai should be examined closely. The teachers, staff, and caretakers play a crucial role in the growth of the child. How they interact with the students, impart education and help them cope with the environment can help you to come to a decision.

Alongside, also check the reputation of the school, distance from your home and workplace, past results of the students, and the languages taught as part of the curriculum. At Kinder Castle Nursery, the Best nursery in Dubai, the curriculum focuses on primary areas of development such as communication and personality, along with specific areas like literacy, mathematics, art and design, and understanding the world. They have a creative and nurturing setting with certified and experienced staff who help the students to explore learning and also have a positive relationship with the parents.

A nursery school is not only meant for imparting educational knowledge but rather creating a foundation for overall development. Here a student gets to learn about value-added skills like reading and writing. Also, they are prepared for the next stage of education which includes math, science, languages, and others. They also learn to make friends and socialize at a Play nursery in Dubai. They also get to learn about life skills such as independence, responsibility, reasoning, and problem-solving and these would serve them throughout their life.

At Kinder Castle Nursery, a reputed play nursery in Dubai, the kids meet highly educated experts who commit to helping a kid succeed in their life. The staff makes the learning environment positive and nurturing. Also, the school provides a wide range of facilities, such as advanced classroom sessions and extracurricular activities to build a strong academic and personal foundation.

In the UAE compulsory education begins from the age of 6 years, i.e Grade 1/ Year 2 and usually the academic session starts from September to June.

  • For nursery or FS 1 (Foundation Stage 1) – the recommended age is 3 years
  • For KG 1/ FS 2 (Foundation Stage 2) – the recommended age is 4 years
  • For KG 2/ Year 1 – the recommended age is 5 years.

At the best play nursery in Dubai, children are usually accepted from the age of 6 months and the age can vary to 8 months but not more than that. In the case of toddlers, the age is usually 12 to 26 months and from 2 years the Pre- foundation course begins. Often this age group tends to vary by 1 or 2 years, based on the school management, goals, and facilities. At Kinder Castle Nursery, admission starts from the age of 45 days and continues till the Foundation Stage 2 i.e 5 years. Moreover, it is important to understand whether your child is prepared for school or not, and based on that admission should be done. One should not pressurize the child but rather try to understand the child’s development graph, likes, and dislikes.

Kinder Castle Nursery, the best nursery in Dubai, offers a stimulating environment where one can access a wide range of resources, and activities to build and encourage children towards new things. They have appointed certified and experienced staff who help to encourage the children to try new things, learn new skills every day, teach them the concept of mathematics, help them understand valuable life skills, and more.

Kinder Castle Nursery provides a safe learning facility where the curriculum works to provide endless opportunities for long-term benefit. They help to build positive relationships with friends and peers. Overall, here you can get a holistic approach for children between the age of 45 days to 5 years.

Kinder Castle Nursery has a warm and spacious setting located within your reach at Dubai Sports City and Meydan Heights. They offer the recommended children and staff ratio so that every child can get a nurturing environment away from home. They provide indoor and outdoor learning areas which are specifically designed based on the age group. The management commits to the parents to inspire the children, and stimulate and support them through the self-development process.

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