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Kinder Castle Nursery, is one of the leading nurseries in Dubai, with a high reputation for preparing their students for their lifelong learning journey ahead of them. Early years education is vital for a young child’s development, and we want to ensure we set strong foundation for the entire development. We thrive to provide high-end facilities and maintain a child-centered approach where every child is treated with care and is a leader in their learning. Being one of the most trusted nurseries in Dubai, we ensure to cater for every child’s unique needs. We take pride in allowing our children to have a holistic approach to learning and ensure constant development of our facilities.

Why Choose Kinder Castle Nursery?

Learning should begin with inspiration and motivation. At Kinder Castle Nursery, we ensure that our facilities allow the children to experience a variety of opportunities. We focus on developing every child’s communication and provide them with the skills needed to become a well-rounded and confident individual. Our Dubai based nursery school follows the EYFS British Curriculum which focuses on all 7 areas of a child’s development between 0 – 5 years. We want to ensure that every child in our care leaves us school ready and with well developed everyday skills whilst meeting every child’s emotional, physical, and cognitive requirements.
EYFS Curriculum

EYFS British Curriculum

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Health & Safety

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Opening Hours

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