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In line with DHA standards, Kinder Castle Nursery has developed a clear medical policy to ensure that children with medical needs receive appropriate care and support in the setting.

Kinder Castle Nursery has a full-time dedicated nurse who has been approved by Dubai Health Authority (DHA License). We have a fully well-equipped clinic with all the essential first aid treatment resources as per DHA guidelines to ensure we are ready to act in the most responsible and appropriate way to any given situation that we may face.

Kinder Castle Nursery is committed to supporting each child’s well-being. We will work together with parents to ensure the safe storage and administration of medication in the event that:

  • A child is taking prescribed medication, with the prior written permission of their parent
  • A child becomes unwell while attending nursery and, only with prior consent of their parent, is given pain relief or temperature reducing medication.

The main aim of educating children and young people who have medical needs is to minimise, as far as possible, the disruption to normal schooling by continuing education as normally as the incapacity allows. Enabling children and young people to access education appropriate to their medical condition is important to their future mental and physical development.

Our nurse will support to parents and carers in all health, safety and hygiene practices and deliver informative coffee morning sessions on a regular basis to help ensure support is consistent both at nursery and at the home.