Health, Safety and Environment


All our classrooms and areas of play have the edges covered with cushioned padded edging, door finger guards on the doors and child safety window locks. The children in our care at Kinder Castle Nursery are our responsibility and we will always do everything possible to ensure a safe and secure environment for the little ones to explore in.


We have a designated full time DHA licensed nurse on the premises at all times and majority of our staff are also first aid trained. All children are vaccinated before joining the nursery and our nurse keeps detailed medical reports of all the children in our care.

Risk Assessment

Thorough daily risk assessments will occur every morning before the children arrive in all areas of the nursery. We continuously review security and safety measures and have a finger print recognition system in place for recognizing registered parents.


We have closed circuit television in all rooms/areas of the nursery (except the bathrooms). This is to ensure the children are safeguarded at all times. CCTV can be accessed by nursery management at all times.

Educating The Children

We have a designated full time DHA licensed nurse on We teach the children about health and safety in order to equip them with the skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to live positive, successful and healthy lives. Our Staff take every opportunity to educate children in this regard as part of the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).


We teach children respect for their bodies, and how to look after themselves. We discuss these issues with the children during circle time; we also show them how to move and play safely through Physical Development. Our Nursery promotes a healthy lifestyle which is reinforced through our supervision of the lunches/snacks brought into the setting to ensure they are of nutritional value.